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Not business as usual

So how does this work, and how does it influence your business positively?


It’s like getting fresh eyes, opinions and perspectives that can unstick the way your business has been doing things.

It can be for a morning, a day, a week or longer. There are no set rules, because it’s very much about not business as usual.

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Don't take my word for it

I have spent more than 30 years in the boardrooms of companies in South Africa, the UK and Australia – listening, learning and acting to create meaningful change across a myriad of issues. I have developed strategic plans and implemented them for businesses and brands across every business category as well as government. I work with individuals, teams and boards to achieve fresh perspectives.

“Michael just gets it. I engage him on our all our new fintech projects and he quickly focuses our people, brands and comms. He has a depth of understanding and an energy to deliver succinctly, that is rare.”

Paul Crawford   |   Private Investment


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I work with any sized companies as well as start ups. It can involve one on one sessions, group workshops, collaborative projects or 'simple sit-ins' at meetings. It’s totally flexible and always customised to specific requirements. Just give me a buzz for a chat.

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