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The greatest obstacle to change is that we are trapped inside our world view – our underlying mental frame of reference for the world, and our belief system that drives the decisions we make and the things we do. The Germans have a word for this: Weltanschauung.

I’ve worked with many companies who are trapped inside their Weltanschauung. It becomes the enemy of difference, originality, creativity and curiosity. It puts the handbrake on change, and nobody can even see that it’s happening. No one disagrees with anyone else in a substantive way. When asked for an opinion, they’ll check with their boss, or swiftly agree, or hide through clichés.

Questions are discouraged and giving answers is avoided. No-one contradicts a position already taken. People avoid conflict and accountability by not talking to each other. All because the company Weltanschauung rules supreme. What many companies need is an Agent of Change (in Residence).
Someone who sees what you don’t see, who will instigate different conversations, and who will open up the doors and windows of possibility and opportunity for your business in a changing world
There is no risk in being better informed.


In times of change, nothing

is more dangerous than yesterday's success.

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I am offering my services as an agent of possible to like-minded companies. You won’t require me to turn up to work five days a week – that might drive you crazy.

Instead, you may choose to engage me once a week, once a month, or on a particular change program or project. Unstick your team and your business. Step up.